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Name: Noor Bela
Age: 35
Occupation: Labour Work
Husband name: Mayuddin
Children: 2 boys (Muzahir & Muntazir)

Noor Bela was 14 years old when she was married to Mayuddin, a resident of the Dhaweli Panchayat in the Vinawari village of the Teragach Block of Kishanganj District, Bihar. Noor Bela had thought that her marriage would mark the beginning of a new phase of life for her. She had woven a lot of dreams around her fiancée and had hoped for a life lived “happily ever after”.

What she had not thought was that her marriage would end in 5 years. She has two children. Mayuddin always came home being drunk and would refuse to talk to Noor Bela. Then, Noor Bela got to know that Mayuddin has relationships with other women also. Noor Bela did not know what to do and Mayuddin’s attitude was making it difficult for her to stay with him. After 5 years of being married, Noor Bela returned to her parents’ home. For the past 15 years, she is staying with her parental family with the hope that one day, Mayuddin would come to take her to his home, but this did not happen. Noor Bela’s parents gave her a room to stay, but it is not enough for her to live a life with her two children. Noor Bela worked as an agriculture labourer in other people’s fields in order to support herself and her children. Her husband or her in-laws did not extend any support. Noor Bela would work hard all day and barely get enough to eat. She is not getting any help from the government schemes, like BPL, Antudaya or any such schemes. Her husband has not given her divorce yet. She had stopped hoping for a better life. Life as a single woman was difficult for her.

Now, the Maulik Adhikar Lok Manch is trying to help her to live a happy life by connecting her with the government schemes so that she can earn a good income and make both ends meet with her children and also live a better life through education.