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Name - Gulafsha Perween
Father’s   Name -  MD. Pappu Quarishi
Mother’s Name -  Nasima Khatoon
Address - Shaganj (KasabTola)
Age - 13

Gulafsha Perween is a 13 year old girl, who is younger to her sister. She is living with her parents in Patna. Her father is a daily wage labourer and her mother is a house wife. While she lived with her parents, she did not know to read and write. She was unable to write her name also, but now it is not so. When she came to Patna, she said that there is a Chirag education centre, which supports children like her, who wants to study. It is just like a school with improved teaching and learning techniques for better education.

Thereafter, she enrolled herself in this centre. At first, she was taught to identify the letters and words, and then the tables. Then she was taught to write her name and she learnt everything very well. It was the month of March, when she appeared for an entrance test of another school and she passed the test. She has been studying in this new school for two years and is one of the best students in the centre. She also got an award for obtaining higher marks along with studies and games. She participated in spoon & ball game and won prizes. She used to go to school daily and to the Chirag education centre as well.

The chapters are well learned to her and she always answers first in the class. Teachers love her too much. She is sensitive for other girls who are unable to go to schools for their studies. She said in her own language that such centre should be established for those girls who are unable to access education, yet should join so that they can have a bright future ahead.