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12 December, 2014
Date: 12 December, 2014

Venue: Pratinidhi Hall, Block – Prisar, Terhagachh
Date: 21.12.2014

On assuring and securing livelihood and other social security schemes, a one day “Media Advocacy meeting” was organized to make a stronger relationship with the media. The main purpose of this meeting was to find out better ways through which both media and the civil society can play a vital role in highlighting the issues of social cause and to provide facilitating ways by creating a development friendly environment.

The meeting was presided jointly by Shri Om Prakash Gupta from Dainik Jagran and Anita Devi from Maulik Adhikar Lok Manch.

The meeting was anchored by Md. Tafweej, Project Coordinator, PACS project. He welcomed all the guests and dignitaries. He threw light on the intervention of the Maulik Adhikar Lok Manch (MALM) in spreading awareness and facilitating people in accessing rights vested in different government schemes. He also counted the achievement so far and the challenges faced by MALM.

Shri Lal Mohan of Dhaweli Panchayat, informed the media person how he was debarred from the old age pension. He availed it earlier, but for the last four years he is being told that he is not entitled to old age pension further. He contacted the BDO several times but no response.

Md. Saukat Ali, Jhunki Mushara, stated that before the interventions of MALM, they were unaware about the jobs in MNREGA schemes. However, due to MALM, almost all Muslims and Dalits are familiar with the process. They also know to access for Indira Awas and wage payments of work done under MNREGA.

Anita Devi mentioned that they did not have information about these vital schemes meant for them, but due to MALM, they are aware of the this scheme and all other social security schemes. They were able to demand for jobs. If the job is not allotted, they also know the process of getting MNREGA stipend.

Chandra Devi from Hariharpur village informed that there are 200 families residing in this village, but all of them are not enlisted in the BPL list. This creates problems for accessing any government schemes meant for them.

Abufarhan Farooqi Tanjeem stated that the work which should be done by the media was done by the Lok Manch.

Shehar Anjum from Naxatra News expressed his happiness by participating in this program. Further, he stated that the media will extend best support to raise the issue of social stigma through all channels.

Master Khalilur Rahman stated that IZAD has done a good job. A lot of people feel capacitated about accessing rights.

Shri Om Praksh Gupta from Dainik Jargaran mentioned that IZAD was doing their job, hence, the media shall extend support to solve out this challenging issues by providing more and more space in print and electronic media.

Mr. S. Alam concluded the meeting by thanking the house.