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18 December, 2014
Date: 18 December, 2014

Date: 18.12.2014
Venue: Charghariya

The Interface meeting was held in the presidency of Mrs. Omela Devi. She addressed the community stating that they had been cheated since long. The Aanganwadi centre in the ward is not functioning properly. The children of those who were close to the Sewika were getting enrolled and the rest of the children were not enrolled despite several requests. Even after demanding jobs under the MNREGA, not a single day of work was received. The wages that are due with the Panchayat for more than seven months, had not been paid yet.

Further, Mr. Tafweej asked the community, if there was anyone among them who’s own land was leveled under MNREGA, or was benefitted from digging a pond in the private land, and were those people from the excluded community or they were from the other section of the society.

Phul Kumari shared her story. Her 7 year old daughter was affected by polio and she hailed from the SC community. However, she was not provided with any Government benefit. In this regard she had approached the Mukhiya and the BDO, but invain. She had also requested the Maulik Adhikar Lok Manch, but they too failed to assist her in accessing her right.