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11 November, 2014
Date: 11 November, 2014

Duration: 11.11.2014 to 15.11.2014

Area: 30 villages of 7 Panchayats of the Terhagachh Block, Kishanganj District.

Gram Yatra was flagged off by the project coordinator Md. Tafweej on the 11th of November 2014.

The theme of this program was to spread mass awareness among the people of 30 villages of the Terhagachh Block. It was run in a very active manner.

All Men, women and children from the society joined and inquired actively about the Yatra and its perspective benefit. The volunteers of the village CBOs, Block level committee and villagers spread the message to the other people about MNREGA and all other social security schemes by explaining them the process of giving application for the jobs. They told the people of the criteria for applying for old age and widow pension.

During the Gram Yatra, the following facts were pointed out:

1. In villages, the khurkhuria women complained that they don’t have any work to do and that they had not been paid the wages for the work they did 6 months ago.
2. Great land dispute at the Hawakol Dalit Tola. The case here, more or less 8 acres of land were owned by the Dalit for which they have proper documents, but for the last 3 years they have been severely harassed by some richer and anti social people to disown them from their piece of land.
3. The plight of the primary school was very pathetic. There was no MDM, no classes, and the teachers were irregular too.
4. In the Bhojpur village, even after several attempts and applications, the village connecting road was not constructed.
5. The poor people have no job cards in their hands. Very few people knew about the payment of work done under MNREGA, was made through the bank account.
6. Almost all the job cards and bank accounts were with the PRS or with some local middlemen.
7. There was a big mess in the identification of the beneficiaries for Indira Awas.
8. In the Mianpur village, one woman (widow) was harassed by her own relative to disown her from her property.
9. In Benugrah, the major population is of Dalits. They have resided in the Bihar government land for decades. However, even after several efforts, they had not been allotted the 3 decimal of land to habitate.
10. In Jhunki Dalit Tola, all the job cards had been taken in possession by one middleman.

On the other side, all the participants of the Gram Yatra were spreading the message to all, to gather on 18th of November at the Terhagachh Block parisar in order to further discuss the issue of discrimination, exclusion and ignorance by the affluent and find out the solution.