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18 November, 2014
Date: 18 November, 2014

Dated- 18.11.2014
Venue- Prakhand Parisar Terhagachh

Theme of the convention – Better livelihood generation through MNREGA and other social security schemes.

On the 18th of November 2014, at the Terhagachh Block of the Kishanganj District, a convention was held under the aegis of Maulik Adhikar Lok Manch Izad (MALM), Terhagachh. It was held on the issues of livelihood generation of the Dalits and Muslims through proper focused intervention and advocacy with the concerned Government officials and other stakeholders.

Mr. S. Alam, District Coordinator, RSBY Kishanganj welcomed all the guests and participants.

The Project Coordinator, Md Tafweej, thoroughly narrated the theme of the convention and explained the affliction of the socially excluded section of this area. Further, he also mentioned that the people of the block had been kept aloof from the development and opportunities, educationally, economically, politically and through all other unfair means.

However, through the intervention of the MALM, the discriminated section and others in general has come a long way. The Lok Manch volunteers worked through their shared labor, advocacy, awareness generation, CBO meetings, wall writing, helping in writing application for demanding jobs, accessing Indira Awas yojna, widow pension, old age pension, etc.

Md. Ismail, Former Zila Parisad, Terhagachh, mentioned that the MALM has created awareness among the people who were unaware about demanding for jobs and that they were entitled for unemployment wages, in case of no job within 15 days. The Dalits, other underprivileged section and the minority section felt capacitated.

Mr. Saukat Ali, Zila Parisad, Terhagachh 1, addressed the congregation stating that without knowledge & education, no tools of development will work. Hence, the MALM should continue the process of awareness and capacity building, that would let the Muslims and Dalit access their rights.

Mr. Priya Ranjan MNREGA P.O., said he would try to incorporate all the demands. Further, he mentioned that although, no family has got 100 days of work, but demand for work should be increased. He will try to ensure proper functioning of the process.

Chandra Devi, villagers, Bhorha Panchayat, shared that she has worked under MNREGA but has not been paid fully. She also reiterated that several other women and male laborers has not been paid even a single penny of his/her work under MNREGA.

Taygoon Nishan, Balua Bhojpur, narrated that she was harassed by the middleman in getting the 2nd installment of the Indira Awas. But due to her association with MALM, she got the full amount.

Mohan Lal, Dhaweli, shared that despite several recommendation and authority letters, his poultry shade was not completed. He stated it, as a case of partiality and exclusion.

Kamayani Awami, Jan Jagran Manch, explained all the points under the MNREGA act and the rights of workers who are liable to work under MNREGA. Further, she mentioned that everybody should demand work through an application and get the receipt of the application so that they can become entitled to the allowance in case of non availability of jobs within 15 days of work demands. And in case of any accidents, they will be entitled to free of cost treatments and half of the wages till the treatment period.

Akhtari Begum, IZAD, she started her speech for the fight against the system of partiality with the Dalits, Muslims and women. She mentioned about the closure of bifurcating people in the name of APL and BPL and that the system should be equal for all. Ration and pension should be provided to all. Later, she stated that MNREGA is a flagship program, meant for the excluded section of the society. She called for the media to give more space to the voice of this social class.

Lastly, she extended her vote of thanks to all participants.