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08 November, 2014
Date: 08 November, 2014

Date: 8th of November 2014
Venue: Rampur, Izad office compound

The block level committee meeting was held under the guidance of Mr. S. Alam. The meeting was organized to reconstitute and to discuss the new plan and strategy. It was conducted to organize the main activities, like Block level Sammelan, Gram Yatra, wall writing, annual reflection, Rojgar Sivir and interface meeting.

These activities were important in two ways:

One, the important point was to spread the message of empowerment of the community to fetch employment in their own at a wider range.

Two, to identify and find out ways to solve the corruption prevalent in the MNREGA scheme.

Thereafter, Mrs. Anita Devi mentioned that we have come a long way due to the sheer intervention of the Maulik Adhikar Lok Manch, but still distance has to be covered. She further stated that it would be possible by being united, gut in fighting corruption and information gathering about different changing patterns of accessing the benefit from MNREGA and other social security schemes.

Further, the project coordinator Md Tafweej, said to the poor and the boycotted section that maximum support will be extended to them in accessing and assuring rights. The MNREGA program Officer needed to be sensitized and advocacy was required by the government and concerned authority to make the job process simple and accessible to the community.

The meeting was also addressed by Mr. Mahabir bosak, Mr Ismail, Mrs Renu Devi, Agarbatti Devi, Taigun Nishan, Chandra Devi, Saidul Rahman, Kailash Prasad Harijan, Budhehwar Mandal.