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17 December, 2014
Date: 17 December, 2014

Venue: Panchayat Bhawan, Dhaweli
Date: 17.12.2014

On the 17th of December 2014, the Annual Reflexion meeting was organized under the guidance of Mr. Tafweej, Project Coordinator. The meeting was presided by Mrs. Renu Devi, Field Coordinator, Terhagachh.

Mrs Renu stated that; the people were ready to provide land for the digging of ponds. However, when asked for jobs, the Mukhiya and the PRS had replied that due to no job cards, the payments cannot be made. In this regard, Mr. Tafweej suggested to everyone that they should open accounts under the Jandhan Yojna.

Mr. Budheshwar from Khurkhuria had informed that 35 labors had worked under MNREGA, but they had not been paid the wages. Hence, he questioned the use of working on those schemes. Further, he stated that it was better if they had gone to Delhi or Mumbai for work. They could have at least fetched a square meal for their family and children.

Anita Devi, President of Block level Committee, said, due to the election season and rainy season, the Maulik Adhikar Lok Manch remained handicapped to do an intervention and advocacy for their rights along with the government and other concerned agencies. However, through better planning and targeted intervention and focused awareness drive, they would fill the gap in the coming days. She also desired to visit other areas in order to learn new and better tools if used by their counterpart in other places.

Mr. Tafweej in his speech assured them that very soon, they will be taken for a tour and exposure visits to see what their counterpart is practicing in accessing their rights.

The following points were also observed:

1. The demand list, which was read out during the Block Sammelan, was submitted to the district administration.
2. The application received during the Sammelan, was sorted out and a clear cut advocacy was done by the concerned department to solve the problems.
3. Assist the IPPE program in compiling the prioritized schemes, which is more beneficial to the poor.
4. In Ward no. 1 of the Dhaweli Panchayat, the labors who worked on MNREGA scheme, did not get the payment. For this, Mahabir assisted in getting the payments.
5. The Community suggested activities was designed to be in the off season when all Dalits, women and Muslims were free from their works in order to increase their participation in the activities.