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IZAD is an idea of social change. It is still embryonic, because the idea sprouted on the 22nd of August, 2002 and thereafter, has just started taking shape. “IZAD” is derived from the Urdu word IZAD, which means ‘Invention’. It is not merely a word; it is a dream to put forth continuous efforts to lessen the human pain and suffering and to foster the development of the weaker sections of the society, namely the Muslims, Dalits children, estranged women in a sustained manner. The founder of the organization has dedicated his/her 17 golden years in practicing and translating the theories into action.

The Organization firmly believes that the essence of development is contained in the fact that it is about human and the quality of their lives. It further feels that the issues of inequity can be corrected by addressing the problems in the existing institution, making and maintaining relationship with the affected in one side and on the other side with the stakeholders & all other concerned agencies.